Take a Community Night Walk.

Working with Faith in Valley, Fresno congregations take weekly ”Night Walks” in neighborhoods hardest hit by gang activity. We meet people “where they are.” We help to build a relationship between young people and community leaders who can connect them with services and hope. These relationships help prevent arrests and also continue to improve relationships between law enforcement and young men of color.

Faith in the Valley

Focus has moved out of Fresno and into the community, recently in Selma and Mendota.

Selma just enacted a non-cooperation with ICE policy and it is anticipated that Mendota will implement such a policy in the near future, influenced by community leaders formed in restorative justice by Faith in the Valley.

The Diocese of Fresno has been responding to issues as diverse as gun violence and gang truces and the worse air quality in the State. They faced off against AMAZON which has convinced towns to waive environmental and other concerns to ensure that quality of life is ensured. 

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