Letting Go Prayer

Elderly woman's hand held in a younger man's hand in prayer

Dear God,

We pray for the Spirit of light and love to open our hearts and minds.
Give us your inspiration and truth. We pray for the grace to empty
ourselves. Whether it is of possessions, positions, or personal agenda,
help us in our willingness to practice releasing our grip.

And from this surrendered place, we beg for the grace to love more
graciously and generously, neither clinging to nor identifying with 
the outcome. This is the stance we must take if we want to offer
the best of who we are with our hearts open, for the remainder 
of our time on this planet.

May we join together in emerging out of these unpredictable times
with our best and truest selves. That each of us can be accountable
for our thoughts and actions—for how we show up in each moment.
That we let go of our own clinging and identifying, keep our hearts
open, stay grounded in our God, and show up open and available
for the journey ahead. Love's unfolding depends on it.
Then this truly will be a time unlike any other.

~adapted from an NCR article by Pauline Hovey, 2021

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